About crewhotels.com

A resource built for production professionals, by production professionals

The agents at Peppercorn Travel have spent many years booking production friendly hotels, and in that time have received a great amount of feedback on the properties our crews have visited.  "Add it to the list!" is a phrase we hear often, so we decided to make that list official so industry professionals - in the field or otherwise - can let the world about their experiences with crew hotels across the country.


Our goal is to showcase honest feedback on production friendly (and maybe not-so-friendly) hotels, and hopefully help others searching for the perfect spot to house a grumpy crew.  Had a great visit?  Share it!  When that old motel with exterior corridors turned out to be the crew-friendliest place you've ever seen - share it!  When things are not so good... Well, we would encourage you to contact the hotel management to resolve any issues before writing a scathing review here.  In our experience, most are more than happy to right any wrongs brought to their attention, so please give them that opportunity first.  Then - share it!


We hope you find crewhotels.com helpful.